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Z PaletteAfter finally reaching the end of my masters’ exams, I’m in the mood for a bit of a life overhaul, starting with my make-up collection of course! I’ve organised it all in the storage dream that is the Ikea Alex drawers but there’s still a few adjustments I’d like to make!

This is where the Z Palette comes in, the perfect tool for organisation junkies. It completely solves the problem of all those half used single eyeshadows (or blush) that take up too much room in your make-up drawers and just don’t seem to have a place.

I’ve become such a fiend for eyeshadow palettes, the lure of their convenience and complimentary colours means my single/ smaller eyeshadows have been forgotten about for longer than I care to admit. That was until the Z Palette came into my life…

Z Palette Z PaletteI purchased one of the largest Z Palettes, the Pro Palette in a zebra print design and the Small Z Palette in the leopard print pattern. There’s also other amazing colours to choose from, including hot pink and crocodile print.

The Z Palette is available in five sizes: small, 4U (medium), Large, Dome (for domed shaped products) and Pro, with Dome and Pro being the largest Palettes. There’s also an extra large Z Palette size you can buy from some suppliers.

To use a MAC eyeshadow size as a comparison, the website states the small Z Palette will hold 9 MAC eyeshadows, the 4U size holds 15, Large will hold 28 and both the Pro and Dome sizes will hold 33. You can see more size comparisons including blush capacity on their website here.

Z Palette Pro Z Palette SmallThe palette is made of cardboard with a plastic window which is a great addition that means you can see your make-up. It also has a magnetised bottom so metal eyeshadow pans will easily stick to the palette once they’re depotted. While cardboard doesn’t seem the most sturdy material to choose, I’ll have to see how the palettes deal with day to day wear as they’re chucked around my handbag a bit more! The material does however make the palettes light and easy to carry and the amazing animal print on offer means I can forgive Z Palette for not making them out of a stronger material.

Z Palette is a USA based company, created by a make-up artist who wanted to make a universal, customisable palette to organise make-up products from all brands.

There’s a full list of international online suppliers on their website, including lots of choice of UK sellers if you live in Britain like me. I went through the whole list of online British stores to find the cheapest prices before I ordered as I found there was quite a variation in pricing among the websites. In the end I bought mine from http://www.love-makeup.co.uk, which I would really recommend as ordering was easy, my order was despatched the following day and it arrived quickly. The large Z Palette cost £19.99 and the small palette was £8.99 with a £3.50 delivery charge. While this isn’t cheap, I personally think it’s worth it for the sheer joy you’ll now get when you look at your eyeshadow collection (or is that just me.)

DepottingNow I’m going to talk you through the fun part, the depotting process. I haven’t used most of these eyeshadows in a long time and if we’re talking makeup dates they’re probably past it, but for me personally I just don’t think eyeshadow really counts…

While I’ve seen some bloggers depot their Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palettes all into smaller Z Palettes, I don’t think I could deal with the trauma of that so I stuck with depotting smaller shadows from their particularly bulky casing.

TweezersThere’s several methods you can use to depot your eyeshadows all listed on the Z Palette website here. The most sensible way is probably to use the heat methods listed on the website but I went for the lazy option of prizing out the eyeshadow pans with my own combination of a nail tool and tweezers.

Be warned though, this isn’t the safest option and I would be really careful if you’re depotting expensive products and may suggest you opt for the heat method so you don’t stab your eyeshadows with your implements, as I did once or twice (woops.)

depotting I simply inserted the nail tool underneath the metal pan of the eyeshadows and moved it around until the glue holding the shadow pan loosened and the eyeshadow could be pulled free of its casing with tweezers or a light hand.

It’s advised you then clean the bottom of the eyeshadow pan with rubbing alcohol or acetone but I skipped this step again and  simply pulled off the excess glue with tweezers. I then cleaned the pan with a wet wipe and dried it, before inserting the eyeshadow into my Z Palette.

Depotting Depotting DepottingThe vast majority of my eyeshadows already had magnetic pans when I removed them from their packaging and could simply be placed straight onto the magnetic inside of the Z Palette. For those that didn’t, every Z Palette comes with a pack of magnetic stickers that can be painlessly stuck onto non magnetic eyeshadow pans to magnetise them ready for the palette.

DepottingYou can label each eyeshadow or blush so you know what the name is for future purchases by either writing straight onto the metal pan or the attached magnet with a permanent marker.

DepottingIt’s so satisfying to finish depotting and see all of the bulky casing transform into a streamlined and organised Z palette that looks like this…

IMG_0774 IMG_0770 IMG_0784 I intend to add to my Pro size Z Palette if I discover more eyeshadows in the bottom of my make-up bag or as I inevitably buy new ones so I’m glad of the extra space available. The Pro size is also particularly deep which makes it easier to fit bulkier pans in. My small leopard print Z Palette is currently empty as I’m keeping it for travel but I put some eyeshadows in for the photographs so you could see what it could hold.

It’s SO easy to pull eyeshadow pans out and swap them around the palettes and the shadows stay firmly magnetised and don’t move around or fall out. I’m hoping I’ll now get more use out of these previously unloved shades! The Z Palette get a big thumbs up from me, it’s a simple but at the same time genius idea for make-up lovers and now I’ve started depotting I don’t think I’ll be stopping!

Do you like the look of the Z Palette? Do you think you’ll be buying one?

What would you depot into yours?

Alice xx

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  1. Laura Wednesday, 11th June 2014 / 5:50 pm

    I like to depot colours although find it a lot easier and less messy if the colours come out easy. I really like MAC eyeshadows cause you can get a refillable version. I also know Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier’s come out easy, you just push the back of those and they snap out. x


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