ghd Platinum Styler

ghd Platinum Styler Hair Straighteners
I’ve always used ghd hair straighteners and for me, they’re definitely the best stylers on the market. Yes, they do come with a premium price tag, but I personally think it’s worth investing in a straightener that gives you quick, gorgeous results every time you use them. My sister recently treated me to the beautiful rose gold ghds for my birthday (anything rose gold is love at first sight for me). Not only do they look stunning on my dressing table, they heat up really quickly, glide easily through my hair and always give me a super sleek result.

ghd Platinum Styler Hair Straighteners

ghd have upped their hair game even more with the launch of their brand new platinum styler, £165 which aims to eliminate the common ‘hair myths’ that people can often have about hair straightening. The platinum styler is unlike any other ghd styler due to its tri-zone technology, meaning it has 3 sensors in each plate instead of just 1. These sensors work to maintain the ideal styling temperature through the entire two plates and claim to leave you with over 50% less hair breakage and a shinier finish.

I have been guilty of sometimes thinking the hotter the hair tool the better, but the ghd platinum styler works at a constant 185°C, unlike many other stylers which reach temperatures of over 200°C. The lower styling temperature is better for your hair’s condition and helps to maintain the vibrancy of coloured hair against other hotter hair tools. I was excited to get the chance to try them out at their launch event to see how they compared with my much loved rose gold ghds.

ghd Platinum Styler Hair Straighteners

I really wanted to see how easy to use the styler was to curl hair as I’ve never found curling my hair with straighteners the easiest task. The hinge on the platinum styler is wishbone shaped, unlike older ghd models. This is designed to align the straightening plates and ensure your hair stays in place and doesn’t slip through the styler, whether you’re straightening or creating curls or waves.

I did find the platinum styler a lot easier to create curls through my hair than my rose gold ghds as the hair was securely gripped into place and didn’t fall through the styler. The top of the styler is matte too rather than the glossy shiny material of my ghds, so keeping control of the straightener when curling was much easier. Straightening is simpler too, because the top of the styler doesn’t get too hot to touch so you’re not so at risk of burning yourself!

Lastly, I love that this styler has universal voltage so you know it will work anywhere in the world. I still adore my rose gold ghds and I definitely won’t be changing them anytime soon. If you’re looking for a new versatile hair straightener though, I would definitely consider investing in the ghd platinum styler.

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  1. Tammie Sunday, 2nd August 2015 / 4:26 pm

    I totally agree that it’s worth investing in GHD’s as they’re far better than any others I’ve tried. I’ve had mine for 10 years now (*frantically touches wood) and they’re still going strong!

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